Picture of Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)

Reliable digital technology by HAKKO – Introducing the HAKKO FX-888D Excellent thermal recovery Heater output has been increased by 30% compared to that of the conventional models HAKKO 936·937. Also FX-888D delivers excellent thermal recovery by using T18 series tips for their terrific heat conductivity. This allows soldering at a lower set temperature and reducing the thermal impact on components as well as tip oxidation that can shorten tip life. Thermal recovery graph Rise time to 350Degree C is 20 seconds faster and tip temperature drop is reduced during continuous work.

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Brand : Hakko
EAN : 0013161034173
Manufacturer : Hakko
Model : FX888D
MPN : FX888D
Part Number : FX888D
Publisher : Hakko
Release Date : 2017-09-16
UPC : 787721750666


  • Digital soldering station end safe
  • Comes with fx-888d, fx-8801 soldering iron, t18-d16 tip, Fh800 iron holder, A1559 sponge, A1561 cleaning wire, manual
  • Adjustable temperature control


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Special price: USD $96.72

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